Naturally Healing Within

Boosting your Health, Wellbeing, Vitality and Beauty with Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and the Powerful Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda

Naturally Healing Within

Naturally Healing Within

Boosting your Health, Wellbeing, Vitality and Beauty with Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and the Powerful Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda


” I came to see Kripa after I had tried everything. I was having bowel problems and it appeared that my stomach was becoming sensitive to eating all my favourite and healthy food such as greens, pulses and nuts. I was depressed and down at my inability to eat healthily and how this has prevented me from consuming a healthy diet as part of my desire to loose weight. I had researched all sort of disorders and treatments from gut friendly bacteria, to charcoal, to the fodmap diet….nothing worked and I didn’t know where else to go. Thankfully I found Kripa and her treatment made a significance within days. I simply couldn’t believe it. I was able to consume foods that I was previously ‘intolerant’ to within days.

I now go to the gym, have lost weight and eat pulses, nuts, greens and all the other yummy foods I couldn’t eat before.

Not only is she an expert in her field but is so delightfully friendly, helpful and gentle with whatever you come to her with. Her ‘Herbal Hug’ tea is consumed by the whole family…even my sister in France.

I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has made a real difference to me and my life.”

– H.Jawad

“Having sought naturopathic treatment earlier this year to help with digestive issues, I was fortunate enough to find Kripa Popatlal.

The results from then to now have been outstanding. Kripa has guided, encouraged and supported my recovery through the practice of Ayurvedic medicine. The treatment and advice I received hasn’t been invaluable. My poor general health and constant tiredness has disappeared and I am now full of energy and healthier than I’d ever imagined. IT has literally changed my life!

I would not hesitate to recommend Kripa and her practice to anyone who is interested in exploring the amazing world of Ayurvedic and Natural medicine and the health benefits that are sure to follow.”

– A. Campbell

“Just wanted to give you an update: this is my 7th day of detoxing and I really feel great! My skin tone has improved significantly, I lost some weight, felt more energetic and even my mood improved! I’m not craving anything from my prior diet, something I was really afraid of before starting the detox.”

– A. Trestyen

“I highly recommend Kripa to anyone. Real guidance has helped me to overcome a number of health issues which I thought might not have any solution. She has a kind and compassionate spirit which really allows you to give yourself time for this healing process. I strongly believe in healing through food and Kripa is one of the best people to ask for advice! Do yourself a favour and book a session with her whether you’re looking for a cure or you just want to be healthier!”

– K. Witek

“Thank you for the enlightening consultation. I look forward to the next stage of the really helpful nutrition programme and guidance. You have opened for me a new way of approaching food. I’m so appreciative of your skill and insight. Thank you so much.”

– V. Raven

“It was an awesome feeling doing the detox. Kripa’s care and her supplements prescription makes the detox fully unique.”

– T. Nagappan

“I’ve been working with Kripa’s methods for quite a while now, her guidance, wisdom and knowledge is some of the best I have come across. Her recommendations actually worked – there’s no price I can put on that. Highly recommend her.”

– R. Patel

“Kripa had used an excellent combination of nutritional teachings to support me on my road to better health and wellbeing – getting a reboot is exactly what I needed. Ayurveda, medicinal herbs found in nature and healthy foods has given me a solid base to help cleanse that which doesn’t serve me anymore. In trying these things out, Kripa has helped me come to clear grounding to move forward in my health which benefits my wealth in all aspects of my life. If you want to make changes, it’s best coming from your inner source rather than spending endless hours with a therapist who just wants you hooked in; for that cost you can easily loose sight of your true self as you ache to be either the therapist or something that you are not. Kripa has helped me to return to my inner source, and for that I am very grateful.”

– L. Finkle